About Cook Better Than Most Resturants

Michelle Cooks as a Child

I started cooking at an early age and never quit.

I am an avid home cook that feeds a family of four very well every night. Our dinners are often what you might see on a menu at a restaurant but at my house they taste better, the wine is affordable, and the atmosphere is great.  I try to use fresh and local ingredients when practical, but sometimes I only have time for a quick run to Publix to get the staples and I still make it taste great. I try to include whole gains in everything from pizza dough to oatmeal cookies.  Eating well is a luxury that I think everyone can afford, because most of the time its not the cost of the raw ingredients that puts fine food out of the reach of a home cook it is merely the fact that they haven’t attempted rich flavors and sauces at home.

Cooking is a no stress endeavor in my life, if a new recipe fails throw it away and call for delivery!!

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1 thought on “About Cook Better Than Most Resturants”

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    We found you via twitter and think your blog is great! We would love to talk to you about writing for PB Parenting. Please email me at info@pbparenting.com


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