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Bad Boy BLT Bagel Sandwich

Around this house I can make everyone happy really easily for dinner or lunch or even brunch with one thing: the BLT.  Tried and true slice up a tomato a bit of lettuce and a nice portion of bacon on toast and everyone loves me, simple. This Saturday my husband left early to drop kids off and get in a few hours of work before coming home for brunch.  In my early morning pre coffee stupor I promised him a nice yummy brunch when he got home.  After the caffeine kicked in and I found my way into the kitchen I needed a rocking brunch idea for the two of us. My husband is a total breakfast sandwich fiend, and lately we have been hitting a nearby deli for breakfast sandwiches which are good but I decided I could do better.  After rummaging around the fridge I had a brilliant idea, I had everything to make a totally upgraded BLT: 2 bagels, fresh lettuce and tomatoes from the farm stand, a ripe avocado, lots of onions and most importantly a new package of thick cut bacon!!

This is not a healthy low fat good behavior meal, this is a splurge!!  It is the kind of once in a blue moon meal that makes life worth living, and enjoying it at home with my husband minus children was a treat that made all the calories even more wonderful.  We sipped coffee and enjoyed our messy and scrumptious BLT with gusto, I would do it again in a heartbeat, but it also means that the next morning I laced up the running shoes and hit the pavement. So I recommend that you whip up this beautiful tasty sandwich for someone you love on a lazy day or night when you can savor every bite and every moment together.Bad Boy BLT

1 Package thick cut bacon

2 bagels, your favorite flavor sliced in half

1 large ripe tomato, sliced

4 leaves of crispy leaf lettuce

4 tbsp onion jam, recipe here

4 tbsp avocado mayo, recipe below

First things first, if you have not made your onion jam yet that is where you want to start.  Onion jam takes some time to cook, but the tasty caramelized onions are worth it. See the recipe for onion jam here. Next I made the Avocado mayo; just know that you can do both condiments way ahead of time, like a day or two before. Recipe for Avocado mayo is at the bottom of this post, it takes about 5 minutes to make. BLT FixensI bake my bacon, I hate cleaning up the stove top when I fry bacon, so I don’t do it anymore. I put the bacon on a broiler pan sprayed with a little cooking spray and put it in a 375 degree oven for about 20 minutes.  The thicker the bacon the longer it takes to cook. I also twist up my bacon before cooking; I think it makes it cook better my mom disagrees and bakes hers flat. Either way you will want to give the bacon a flip when it is about half way cooked. Feel free to cook your bacon using your preferred method.  Drain the bacon on paper towel before you put it on the sandwich.  Bacon

Just before your bacon is finished cooking toast the bagels then paint all four halves with a generous amount of avocado mayo. Then I layered on my lettuce, tomato, bacon and onion jam. Don’t forget to salt and pepper your tomatoes before they go into the sandwich.  I hate to say that after my husband and I both stole a few slices of bacon while I was assembling we put all the cooked bacon onto the two sandwiches,that’s a lot of bacon.  These are really good, don’t skimp on the onion jam or mayo they are the best parts. I could lie and tell you I served the sandwiches with something like chips or fruit but let’s be real we wolfed down these giant sandwiches and were ready for a nap.Bad Boy BLT

Avocado Mayo Avocado Mayo

1 ripe avocado

2 tbsp mayo

Juice of one lime

¼ tsp plain or seasoned salt

Big pinch of ground chipotle pepper

Mix all the ingredients together in the small bowl of you food processor and spin until smooth. Be sure to taste the mayo, it may need more salt or pepper.  It will last a few days in the fridge. Avocado Mayo 2