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Blue Cheese and Green Onion Grits

Ten years living in Texas you are invited to a lot of pot-lucks and BBQs so you better have a go-to covered dish that a cowboy or a Dallas diva will enjoy.  These grits are the way to go, yummy hot or at room temp easy to serve family style or sliced up with a ring mold for a fancy plate.  The big blue cheese flavor pairs nicely with red meat or chili. This recipe is very forgiving so feel free to have some fun with it, you can swap the blue cheese for cheddar cheese and the green onions for green chilies and it will be totally new.

3 Cups Chicken Broth

Get all you fixin's ready.

1 ½ Cups of Milk

2 tsp Salt

2 Cloves of Garlic finely chopped or micro planed

1.5 Cups Uncooked Quick-Cooking Grits

6-8oz Blue or Gorgonzola Cheese

I Stick of Butter Chopped

¾ Cup Heavy Cream

3 Eggs, Beaten Lightly

1/3 Cup Chopped Green Onion

2 Tbsp Chopped Basil (or 1 Tbsp dry)

3 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Parsley (or 1-2 Tbsp dry)

1 Tsp Fresh Thyme Leaves (or ¼ tsp ground)

Fresh Ground Black Pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 325. Combine milk, chicken broth and garlic in a medium pot on the stove and bring to a boil. Stir in grits and lower temp.  Use the directions on the grits package to get the right cooking time. Be careful to stir enough that they grits don’t get lumpy or stick to the bottom of the pan. When ready they will be the consistence of thick oatmeal. Remove from heat and stir in the blue cheese, mix until melted. (You could stop here, add the herbs and serve like polenta as a side or garnish on a plate, but in this state the grits must be served hot and quickly.)

Add the Butter

Stir well and check for lumps.

Next add the heavy cream, butter, and eggs.  If your grits are still very hot you may want to temper the eggs. Next add the chopped onion and fresh herbs, don’t forget lots of fresh ground black pepper.

If you don't have fresh herbs dry will work just as well.

Pour the grits into a greased 9×13 baking dish and put in the over for 60 minutes or until firm and golden brown on top.

Grits in the oven

I like to use the convection setting on my oven to crisp up the top.

The grits can be served piping hot or room temperature and will travel very nicely. If you are going to transport the grits while still hot do not cover with foil or plastic wrap, use a big towel so they will not sweat and you can protect everything from the hot dish.

Grits ready to eat!